Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
Hands working with a computer motherboard.

With a computer expansion card or memory module, seated refers to how the card is placed into a slot. When properly seated, the card is securely connected to the computer, and none of the card is out of the slot. When a card is not properly seated, part of the card is out of the slot. If the expansion card or memory module is not properly seated, the computer will not detect the card, not boot, or cause other random errors.

Usually, it is impossible to see if a card or module is properly seated in a computer. The best way to verify an expansion card or memory module is properly seated is to remove and re-insert the card or module.


When inside the computer and handling any computer hardware, be aware of ESD (electrostatic discharge) and its potential dangers.

What causes a card to become loose?

There are different reasons why a card or module may not be properly seated.

  • Computer moved, kicked, or otherwise jolted.
  • Not installed properly.
  • Heat expansion.

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