Service tag

Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope
Dell Service Tag

A unique number given to Dell products that is often found on the bottom, side, or back of the product. Pictured is an example of what the Dell service tag looks like. In this instance, the service tag accompanies the Microsoft Windows product key. The service tag helps identify your computer for online support and drivers and is also used to reset passwords on Dell laptop computers.

How do I find the service tag?

  1. Make sure you have a Dell computer.
  2. Look on the back of the computer for a sticker that resembles the sticker on the picture shown on this page. The sticker should have "Service Tag: <tag ID>" somewhere on the sticker.

Although most Dell service tags are on the back of the computer, some are on the side. Dell servers may have the service tag on the front. Dell projectors have the service tag on the bottom of the projector. Dell handheld computers may have their tag located under the battery.

How to use the Dell service tag

Once you've found the Dell service tag, it can be used when calling Dell technical support or on the Dell support site to look up information about your computer.

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