Socket 7

Updated: 06/21/2017 by Computer Hope

CPU socket 7The Socket 7 is an Intel processor socket with 321-pin (a few used 296-pin) holes in 37x37 rows, ran between 2.5 and 3.5v, and the first and last socket to support processors from different manufacturer's. One of the biggest changes to the Socket 7 socket was not the socket, but the voltage regulator module (VRM) found on any motherboard using this socket. To the right, is an illustration of the Socket 7 socket.

Some of the processors the Socket 7 supported include the Intel Pentium 75 MHz - 233 MHz, AMD K5 - K6, Cyrix6x86, and Cyrix6x86MX P120-P233.

The Super Socket 7 or Super7 socket is socket that supported processors up to 500 MHz. Motherboards with the Super Socket 7 socket also have support for AGP, Ultra DMA, and advanced power management.

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