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A socket may refer to any of the following:

Socket 370 or PGA370

1. When referring to a processor, a CPU socket or processor socket is a connection that allows a computer processor to connect to a motherboard. For example, the Socket 370 is an example of such a socket. The picture shows an example of what a socket may look like on a motherboard. Although there were computers that used the slot processor, most computers today and in the past have used socket processors.

Computer processor sockets

Below is a short list of sockets and their description we currently have listed on our page.

Why would I need to know the socket on my motherboard?

The processor socket helps determine what computer processors your computer motherboard can accept. For example, a socket 1 processor is not compatible with a Socket 370 because of the pin layout and the technology differences used in each socket.

2. When referring to an operating system, a socket is a communication used between processes or communication between a client and server. One of the most widely used socket API or library is the Berkeley Unix C library.

3. With networking, see our network socket definition for further information on this term.

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