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Viewport may refer to any of the following:

3ds Max viewport

1. In 3D graphics, the viewport is the area of the interface that allows the user to see the graphics they are developing. For example, in 3D modeling software like 3ds Max or Blender, multiple viewports display the 3D forms from different angles and projection modes.

Some viewports display a perspective projection view, where far-away objects appear smaller, receding to a vanishing point on the horizon. Other viewports may display an orthogonal projection view, similar to a blueprint or schematic diagram, where far-away items do not appear smaller.

When the user makes changes to objects in the scene, all viewports update at the same time. In perspective viewports, the user can orbit around the focal point of the virtual camera, using a viewcube or other movement tools. The user can observe the 3D scene, and make any necessary changes using modifiers and transformation tools.

Viewports are often divided into quadrants to see the various angles simultaneously while making changes. These quadrants help ensure the user is not modifying the shape on the wrong axis that sometimes appears to be correct when viewing the transformation from only one perspective.

2. In web design, viewport refers to the area of a web page visible to the user's device they're using to view the page. For example, the viewport on a mobile device like a smartphone is a different aspect ratio than that of a desktop computer. On a desktop computer, the viewport is the rectangle in the browser window that displays a web document. In responsive web design, web content is designed to display differently according to the current size and orientation of the user's viewport.

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