Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
Network cable wires

A wire is a single strand of metal capable of transmitting power or data from one area to another. Wires are often protected in a plastic covering that is sometimes color-coded to aid in identification. The picture shows an example of a Cat 5 cable that was stripped to expose the wires. As shown in the image, a cable is composed of multiple wires.


A cable often has several wires.

The term wired refers to a Cat 5 Ethernet cable or other network cable connecting a computer to the Internet. Wired is also the name of a magazine dedicated to computers and computer-related information.

Wireless is uses Wi-Fi technology to connect to the Internet. The network signal is transmitted via radio waves and microwaves to the computer, giving the user access to the Internet. See our wireless page for further information.

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