Emil Post

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Emil Post

Name: Emil Leon Post

Born: February 11, 1897, in Augustów, then Russian Empire, today Poland

Death: April 21, 1954 (Age: 57)

Computer-related contributions

  • Mathematician and logician known for a computation machine similar to Alan Turing's, which Post proposed in a famous paper known as "Formulation 1."
  • Known for the Post correspondence problem, the completeness proof of Principia's propositional calculus, and his work in the field that eventually became known as computability theory.

Significant publications

  • Finite Combinatory Processes - Formulation 1, Journal of Symbolic Logic 1: 103–105 (1936).
  • Polyadic groups, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 48: 208–350 (1940).
  • Formal Reductions of the General Combinatorial Decision Problem, American Journal of Mathematics 65: 197–215 (1943).
  • Recursively enumerable sets of positive integers and their decision problems, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 50: 284–316. (1944).

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