George Boole

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George Boole

Name: George Boole

Born: November 2, 1815, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Death: December 8, 1864 (Age: 49)

Computer-related contributions

  • English mathematician and logician.
  • Boolean algebra is named after him.
  • His work was in the fields of differential equations and algebraic logic, and he's now best known as the author of The Laws of Thought.
  • As the inventor of the protoType of what is now called Boolean logic, which became the basis of the modern digital computer.
  • With Augustus DeMorgan formalize a set of logical operations now known as DeMorgan transformations.
  • Boole is regarded in hindsight as a founder of the field of computer science.


"No matter how correct a mathematical theorem may appear to be, one ought never to be satisfied that there was not something imperfect about it until it also gives the impression of being beautiful."