John Gustafson

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John Gustafson

Name: John L. Gustafson

Born: January 19, 1955

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist and businessman known primarily for his work in HPC (High Performance Computing). He invented Gustafson's Law and introduced the first commercial computer cluster. He led the reconstruction of the Atanasoff–Berry Computer, and was the recipient of several awards for increasing the speed of computing.
  • Previously held the position of CEO of Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. and CTO at ClearSpeed Technology.
  • Presently the Director of Intel Labs-SC.

Significant publications

  • A Study of Accelerator Options for Maximizing Cluster Performance (2007).
  • Algorithm Leadership (2007).
  • Using Accelerators to Escape the Shackles of 20th Century Software (2007).
  • The New Limits on High Performance Computing (2006).

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award (2007).
  • International Atanasoff Award (inaugural) (2006).
  • Iowa State University Inventor of the Year Award (2000).
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, New Mexico State University (1998).
  • PDPTA Outstanding Achievement Award (1997).
  • R&D 100 Award (1995).
  • Gordon Bell Prize (Greatest annual contribution to the science of parallel processing) (1988).
  • Karp Challenge (Unique award: First demonstration of parallel speedup of over 200 times) (1988).
  • Richter Fellowship (1977).