Larry Press

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Larry Press

Name: Larry Press

Born: Unknown

Computer-related contributions

  • Professor of Information Systems at California State University.
  • Worked for IBM and the System Development Corporation.
  • Key interests include: data processing, multi-processor operating systems, simulation, decision table translation, simulation of concept acquisition and multivariate data analysis.
  • Studies the global diffusion of the Internet, with an emphasis on policy and technology in developing nations.
  • Has done studies of the Internet in Russia, Cuba, Chile, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, and Vietnam.
  • Active in ACM and the Internet Society.

Significant publications

  • From Computer Literacy to Web 2.0 Literacy: Teaching and Learning Information Technology Concepts Using Web 2.0 Tools (2010).
  • Published over 240 articles and reports.
  • Editor or contributing editor for several magazines, trade publications and academic journals and periodicals.

Honors and awards

  • CSUDH Outstanding Professor.
  • Distinguished Teacher and Hyundai Outstanding Professor award.