Microsoft DOS scanreg command

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

About scanreg

Scanreg was first introduced by Microsoft with the introduction of Windows 98 and was a great utility until the introduction of Windows XP. Using scanreg a you can backup your Registry manually or allow Windows to backup the Registry daily (default).


The scanreg command is an external command that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems as scanreg.exe.

Scanreg syntax

Usage: SCANREG [/<option>]


? Displays usage
BACKUP Backup the Registry and related system configuration files.
RESTORE Choose a backup to restore.
FIX Repair the Registry.
COMMENT="<comment>" Adds the specified comment to the CAB file while backing up.

Scanreg examples


Run alone, scanreg will check the Registry for errors and if requested backup the Registry.

scanreg /restore

Must be run from an MS-DOS prompt and not a shell. Running this command allows you to restore an earlier backup of your system Registry.

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