Windows Me

Updated: 12/26/2023 by Computer Hope
Windows Me

Code-named Millennium, Windows Me, short for Windows Millennium Edition, is an operating system released by Microsoft on June 19, 2000. Windows Me was an upgrade for Windows 98 and included additional fixes, support, and applications. Most users chose not to upgrade to Windows Me because of various problems and waited until the release of Windows XP to upgrade.

New Windows Me features

  • Revert to backup of computer - Restore system files to an early copy in case files became corrupted or deleted.
  • Protect important system files - Protect important system files and prevents these files to be modified by any other software.
  • Movie editor - Allows users to edit and combine Microsoft movie files. Importing movies requires additional hardware.
  • Windows Media Player - Includes Windows Media Player 7, which enables users a more advanced way of listening and organizing their media files.

Windows Me system requirements

Intel Pentium 150 MHz or faster (300 MHz or faster for Windows Media Player)
32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM for Windows Media Player).
At least 270 MB can take up to 410 MB of hard drive space
standard sound card for sound capability.
VGA or higher resolution
100% compatible Microsoft keyboard and mouse
Requires Windows 98 to upgrade.

What Windows came before Windows Me?

For the end user, Windows 98 came after Windows Me.

What version of Windows came after Windows Me?

For the end user, Microsoft Windows XP came after Windows Me.

How should Windows Me be capitalized?

Although "Me" is an abbreviation for "Millennium Edition," it should not be written in all uppercase. Instead, it should be written as "Windows Me."

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