Microsoft DOS unformat command

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About unformat

Used to unformat a drive that has been formatted.


The unformat command is an external command that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems as

Unformat syntax

Restores a disk erased by the FORMAT command or restructured by the RECOVER command.

UNFORMAT drive: [/J]
UNFORMAT drive: [/U] [/L] [/TEST] [/P]

drive: Specifies the drive to unformat.
/J Verifies that the mirror files agree with the system information on the disk.
/U Unformats without using MIRROR files.
/L Lists all file and directory names found, or, when used with the /PARTN switch, displays current partition tables.
/TEST Displays information but does not write changes to disk.
/P Sends output messages to a printer connected to LPT1.
/PARTN Restores disk partition tables.

Copyright (C) 1987-1993 Central Point Software, Inc.

Unformat examples

unformat c:

Command specified to unformat drive c: if it was formatted.

Additional information

This program was designed only to be run in MS-DOS versions 5.0 to 6.22. If you have upgraded to Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, or any other operating system, this command does not restore any information and can cause additional problems.