Unformat command

Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
unformat command

The unformat command is used to restore a formatted drive to its original state.


Unformat is an external command that is available for the following Microsoft operating systems as unformat.com.

Unformat syntax

Restores a disk erased by the FORMAT command or restructured by the RECOVER command.

UNFORMAT drive: [/J]
UNFORMAT drive: [/U] [/L] [/TEST] [/P]
drive: Specifies the drive to unformat.
/J Verifies that the mirror files agree with the system information on the disk.
/U Unformats without using MIRROR files.
/L Lists all file and directory names found, or, when used with the /PARTN switch, displays current partition tables.
/TEST Displays information but does not write changes to disk.
/P Sends output messages to a printer connected to LPT1.
/PARTN Restores disk partition tables.
Copyright (C) 1987-1993 Central Point Software, Inc.

Unformat examples

unformat c:

Command specified to unformat drive c: if it was formatted.

Additional information

This program was designed run only in MS-DOS versions 5.0 to 6.22. If you have upgraded to Windows 95 or any subsequent version, this command does not restore any information and can cause additional problems.