Linux tcopy command

Updated: 05/04/2019 by Computer Hope
tcopy command

tcopy is a legacy Unix command used to copy magnetic tape-based media.


The tcopy utility is copies magnetic tapes. The only assumption made about the tape is that there are two tape marks at the end. The tcopy utility with only a source tape ( /dev/sa0 by default) specified will print information about the sizes of records and tape files. If a destination is specified a copy will be made of the source tape. The blocking on the destination tape will be identical to that used on the source tape. Copying a tape will yield the same output as if just printing the sizes.


tcopy [-cvx] [-s maxblk] [src [dest] ]


-c Copy src to dest and then verify that the two tapes are identical.
-s maxblk Specify a maximum block size, maxblk.
-v Given the two tapes src and dest, verify that they are identical.
-x Output all informational messages to the standard error. This option is useful when dest is /dev/stdout.



Before attempting to copy the contents of a tape drive, ensure no errors are present on either disks and that you rewind the tapes to the beginning.

tcopy $RMT /dev/rmt83.1

Copies the drive on $RMT to the device /dev/rmt83.1.

mt — Control magnetic tapes.