HTML and web design questions and answers

Reference Question
HTML HTML dictionary definition and related links.
Color All HTML and CSS color questions and answers.
Internet General Internet related questions and answers.
Starting Additional information about starting and creating your own web page.
Promote Tips and secrets in promoting your website and increasing its search ranking.
Top 10 Top 10 basic HTML Q&A's.
CH000049 How to create links to sections on the same page in HTML.
CH000050 Opening new web page window when clicking on a link.
CH000051 Creating a new window in HTML for a single image.
CH000052 Creating multicolor links in HTML.
CH000053 How to create a fixed background image on a web page.
CH000054 How to create a counter on your web page.
CH000055 How to resize an image with HTML.
CH000056 Getting subject added to the mailto command.
CH000057 Creating a mail link on a web page.
CH000058 Creating flashing background when opening a web page.
CH000059 Linking an image to another page in HTML.
CH000060 Creating images as links with no borders.
CH000061 Allowing user to choose their background color.
CH000062 Creating an HTML text field bigger then one line.
CH000063 What is HTML?
CH000064 Creating unformatted HTML text.
CH000065 Transferring user to new web page automatically.
CH000066 Creating three images: first on left, second centered, third on right.
CH000067 Defining the background and text color.
CH000068 Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?
CH000069 Creating images that are right aligned with the web page window.
CH000070 Creating an image with a text description in HTML.
CH000071 Creating a link to play a sound file in HTML.
CH000072 Changing the font type displayed on web page.
CH000073 How to create a link to automatically run .exe file once downloaded.
CH000074 Creating a link without an underline in HTML.
CH000075 Changing link color when moving mouse over link in HTML.
CH000076 Creating HTML push button link.
CH000077 Creating simple search for your web page.
CH000079 Creating script to break web page out of frames.
CH000080 Accepting credit card on web page.
CH000178 How do I close a browser window with HTML code?
CH000299 How do I change the text line spacing?
CH000317 Creating an HTML back button.
CH000410 Information about favicon.ico.
CH000591 How can I insert a movie into an HTML document?
CH000659 How do I make money on my website?
CH000674 How to create a guestbook on your web page.
CH000745 How can I copy something from a webpage to my webpage?
CH000746 How do I view the source code of a web page?
CH000747 How do I create forums for my webpage?
CH000814 How can I get more traffic or people to visit my website?
CH000897 How can I check if anyone is stealing my website content?
CH000898 How can I get more visitors on my forum?
CH000966 Creating a web page with a single background image not a tiled background.
CH000977 How can I copyright or otherwise protect my images online?
CH001031 After uploading an update to my webpage it looks the same.
CH001032 Internet Explorer error: Done, but with errors on page.
CH001034 How do I indent text on my web page or in HTML?
CH001076 Why html image alt text doesn't work in Firefox and IE.
CH001113 Make link prompt visitor to download .PDF, .DOC, or other file.
CH001115 How can I make an animated GIF image?
CH001538 How can I tell what font is on a page?
CH001147 How do I set the rights or chmod a file in an FTP client?
CH001158 Should I add the height and width to the img src tag?
CH001225 How can I monitor my website's status?
CH001274 How can I check my web page for errors?
CH001545 How do I change the style of an HTML form button?
CH001311 How do I create a bullet and number list in HTML?
CH001344 How do I write a JavaScript?
CH001474 How to center text in HTML.
CH001475 How to create a link that goes to top of a web page.
CH001610 How do I add pictures to my website?
CH001613 How do I center a picture on my website using HTML?
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