How can I find people online?

Find peopleThere are numerous sites on the Internet and search engines that can be used to help find people on the Internet. Below are some of the different sites and methods of locating someone online. Note: This site contains sites primarily for those users who are in the United States. However, some of the sites listed do have other countries available and of course the Google search tips listed at the end of this document can be done by anyone in the world.

Tip: Many of these services require some registration or payment in order to get more detailed information about the person you are trying to find. There is no service or site we are aware that will provide very personal information about a person for free. We have tried to create this list in order of service that provides the most information for free.

Today, Facebook is one of the largest online social networks with over 500 million people. If you are looking for an old friend using the Facebook people search is a great first place to start.

Fantastic site for finding people online that searches over sixty different social networking sites, blogs, websites, and other sources online to find people.

A great online service that searches all the popular social network sites, blogs, search engines, meetup, Amazon wish lists, and much more.

One of the better sites for finding information about someone online such as family, home, online profiles, etc.

Great, easy to use page to find basic information about people in the United States.

PrivateEye is a quick easy and fast method of finding someone by name, address, phone number, marriage, bankruptcy records, and more. The site gives out free information such as full name, city, state, age, and possible relatives. Additional details such as phone and address are often available but require that the user pay a fee.

Almost everyone who has gone on the search engine Google has tried searching for themselves or others they know. Below are different methods of finding someone using Google.

Search for the person using their name. Below are different examples of how this could be done. If a user has a common name such as the example below adding the state, area code, etc. helps refine the search.

"John Smith"

"John Smith" Utah

"John Smith" 801

Pull up a persons name and address using a phone number by typing a search similar to the example below.

phonebook: 801-555-1234

Finally, search popular social networking sites such as MySpace is another quick method of locating someone using Google. For example, if you were wanting find your high school classmates you could type a search similar to the example below. 1997 "west jordan"

In the above example the "" tells google to only search for pages that are on MySpace. All keywords used after this are what are being searched. In this case 1997 (being the year graduated) and "West Jordan" being the high school name. Keep in mind this is a very basic example and would require that the person you're looking for has a MySpace page.

Other sites

Below are some additional sites that can help track down people online.

In addition to the sites listed above there are dozens of other sites that allow users to find people using the public records if you're not finding someone using the above sites click here to open an external search for other sites.