1. In software, a frame is an edge or border that resembles a physical frame you would find around a picture. Frames are often used in word processing, and graphic arts to help focus a viewer's attention.

2. In data or network communications, a frame is a data transmission unit with a header to indicate the beginning of a block of data and a trailer to indicate the end of it.

3. When referring to the Internet, a frame is a movable or non-movable portion of a web page that is either loaded from the a server to help make navigation easier and to bring other content into the page. A good example of this technique in use is with Internet advertising banners.

4. A frame is a single, still image frame displayed by the computer, video hardware, or a software application. Also, see FPS and frame rate.

5. When referring to HTML, the <frame> tag was used to designate a specific window within a <frameset> element.

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