MS-DOS and Windows command line enable command

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope
enable command

Enable is a Recovery Console command used to activate and deactivate a service or driver.


The enable command is a Recovery Console command that is available in the following Microsoft operating systems.

Enable syntax

Enables a Windows system service or driver.

ENABLE servicename [start_Type]

The servicename is the name of the service or driver to be enabled.

The start_Type is how the service or driver is scheduled to be started. Valid start-Type values are:


Enable prints the old start_Type of the service before resetting it to the new value. Note the old value, in case it is necessary to restore the start_Type of the service. If you do not specify a new start_Type, enable prints the old start_Type.

Enable examples

enable <servicename> SERVICE_SYSTEM_START

The example above would enable the auto-start service. To later disable that service, you would want to use the disable command, using the old start_Type.

To list the available services and drivers, run the listsvc command.