How to get a new unique identification number if lost

Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope

This page pertains to a lost COA (certificate of authenticity), product key, CD key, serial number, or other unique identification numbers. If your CD keys or unique identification numbers do not work, see: My CD key or unique identification doesn't work.

Computer Hope does not have the capability of giving users new product identification numbers, CD keys, serial keys, or any other unique identification number. Follow the steps below for obtaining a new unique number.

Lost Microsoft Windows product key

If your computer included Microsoft Windows, the product key is found on the side of the computer and resembles a sticker similar to the example below. On a desktop computer, this sticker is usually on the side or back of the computer. Laptop computers often have this sticker on the bottom of the computer.

Microsoft Windows XP Product Key

If you still cannot find the product number and your computer came with Microsoft Windows, contact your computer manufacturer to purchase a new number. If you purchased Windows from the store, contact Microsoft to purchase or obtain a new identification number. We cannot supply you with a new number.


If you provide Microsoft with the part number of the Windows CD, Microsoft may give you a new number over the phone.

Lost CD key or serial number for software or game

Computer Hope cannot provide a product key, CD key, serial number, or other unique identification to users. If you lost your CD key, serial number, or other unique identification number for your software, we suggest you contact the developer of your program.

Why you shouldn't share your number or use numbers from the Internet

  1. It's illegal. If caught could result in a fine.
  2. Keygens, programs, and other downloads that claim to have the unique numbers for programs on the Internet are often packed with spyware and other malware.
  3. Giving your CD key number may prevent you from logging onto Internet games, as only one CD key is allowed per user.
  4. May prevent you from obtaining updates to the software that may fix issues with your program.
  5. More than one CD key number on a network may prevent you from running the program.