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Reference Question
Software Software dictionary definition and related links.
Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browser help.
E-mail E-mail programs and related help.
Programs General computer programs listing and help.
Audio Audio related programs listing and help.
FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage questions and answers.
Games Computer games questions and answers.
Image Image related questions and answers.
OS Computer operating systems questions and answers.
PDF PDF related questions, help, and support.
Utilities Listing of computer utilities.
Drivers Listing of all computer related driver pages.
CHBACKUP How to backup your computer software.
CHSOFT Basic software troubleshooting.
CH000039 What is the difference between software and hardware?
CH000133 Creating icons for Microsoft Windows.
CH000156 I've lost my unique identification number can you give me one?
CH000561 How to install a software program.
CH000563 How to install fonts on my computer.
CH000600 How to copy information from one computer to another.
CH000614 How do I find old software programs to purchase?
CH000675 How do I create my own program?
CH000768 How do I spell check a document?
CH000855 How do you determine the size of a video file?
CH000973 Enable the missing File menu bar.
CH001087 My program, game, or other software is closing to desktop.
CH001150 Windows Messenger 80048820 extended80048416 error.
CH001194 Audacity error while opening sound device when recording.
CH001221 Where can I get a free word processor?
CH001222 Where can I get a free spreadsheet program?
CH001261 Can installed programs conflict with each other?
CH001300 My CD-KEY or unique identification doesn't work.
CH001312 How do I create a computer file?
CH001314 How to create an empty file.
CH001320 What is the difference between a directory and folder?
CH001333 How to configure and use Ventrilo.
CH001343 How to open a jar file.
CH001344 How do I write a JavaScript?
CH001376 How to merge or combine multiple files.
CH001382 How to disable or uninstall Java.
CH001529 Should I remove old versions of Java from my computer?
CH001478 How do I resize a window?
CH001484 How do I convert wma to mp3?
CH001538 How can I tell what font is on a page?
CH001591 What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?
CH001593 Is there a shortcut key to delete full line of text?
CH001603 What is the difference between Save and Save As?
CH001621 What was the first computer programming language?
CH001622 What programs can I use for speech recognition?
CH001629 What is the difference between data and information?
CH001633 How to logout of a computer.
CH001644 Does using a command line interface help to be a programmer?
CH001664 How to find information about my computer.
CH001691 How to change default music or video player.
CH001713 How to open an existing document.
CH001721 How do I extract specific portions of a text file using Python?
CH001728 How to create a spreadsheet.
CH001729 How to create a document.
CH001751 How to create a table in an Oracle database.
CH001763 How do I reset Adobe Flash Player settings?
CH001763 How to view which programs are installed on a computer.
CH001770 How do I start a newline in a cell?
CH001771 How to add a video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
CH001776 How to change a tab delimited text file to a CSV file.
CH001811 How to install oracle.
CH001830 How to insert a check mark.
CH001845 How to download and install AutoHotkey.
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