How to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Updated: 02/02/2019 by Computer Hope

Internet ExplorerNew Windows 10 users who are coming from an earlier version will notice that their previous built-in browser, Internet Explorer, is missing. The reason is that Windows 10 comes with a new browser called Microsoft Edge which integrates better into the Microsoft ecosystem. However, users who aren't ready to transition just yet may still use Internet Explorer.

How to open Internet Explorer

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the The More icon in Microsoft Edge. icon.
  3. Select More tools near the bottom of the drop-down menu that appears.

The selector for more tools in Microsoft Edge.

  1. Select Open with Internet Explorer.

The selector that opens Internet Explorer in Edge.

  1. You should see the Internet Explorer browser open in a new window.