If a device is removed in Device Manager, will it be redetected?

Updated: 10/11/2021 by Computer Hope

After rebooting the computer, Windows will redetect any devices removed earlier or any new devices installed in the computer. Once Windows has detected the device, if the drivers for that device are not present on the computer, Windows asks for the driver's location.

Windows 10 Device Manager

Reasons why Windows may not detect a device once the computer is rebooted.

  1. The device is a legacy device and not a Win device. These devices are older devices with jumpers and must be installed into the computer by running "Add new hardware" in the Control Panel.
  2. The device is not being recognized or is disabled.
  3. The device is in confliction with another device. Such as an IRQ (interrupt request) or DMA (direct memory access) confliction.