How to find information about computer products

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
Computer manual

Computer Hope is not affiliated with any third-party computer company and cannot provide any information in regards to part numbers, manuals, warranty, refunds, or tracking information. Below is a listing of additional information on how you may be able to obtain this information, as well as links to pages within Computer Hope that contain related information.

Part Number

There are billions of different part numbers used by companies today. Because of the large variety of part numbers, Computer Hope cannot offer its customers with third-party part numbers.

If you are looking for a part number, we recommend that you contact the computer company or the manufacturer responsible for supporting your product. You can find a listing of companies and their contact information on our company listing.

If the company responsible for your product is no longer in business, we recommend the below.

  • If you do not have any numbers, but have the product or part you want to replace, ensure that no numbers are listed on that part. If a number or name of the company is listed on the product, see the next section. However, if no number can be located, we recommend you take the product to a local service center, repair shop, or the place of purchase for additional assistance.
  • If you can locate a number, search the Internet with a large search engine for that number. If you cannot locate that number, we recommend you take the product to a local service center, repair shop, or the place of purchase for additional assistance.
  • If you are only able to locate the name of the company who made the product, contact that company to see if they can provide you with a replacement.

Also see: PN (part number) definition.


Because of Copyright laws and the inability to have manuals for all products, Computer Hope is unable to send or make copies of any manuals.

Many companies provide documentation in electronic format through their website. If you want an online version of a manual or instructions that you can print, we suggest you visit the manufacturer of your product web page.

If you need a hard copy of a manual or a replacement digital copy, we recommend contacting the company responsible for the product or search Google for any site containing digital copies.

Also see: Manual definition.

Warranty Information

Questions about the length of your warranty, purchasing an extended warranty, or what your warranty covers can be answered by the manufacturer, developer, or place of purchase. For a listing of computer companies, see our company listing section.

Refund Information

Computer Hope is not associated with any third-party product, nor does it sell any third-party products. We cannot handle any request for refunds of a product or provide anyone with additional information about a refund. To obtain this information, you need to contact the manufacturer of your product and the place of purchase. A listing of computer companies is our company listing section.

Rebate Information

Computer Hope does not provide or deal with any rebates. If you have a question about a rebate or why you have not received your rebate, contact either the manufacturer of your product or the company responsible for the rebate. A listing of computer companies is on our company support section.

Serial Numbers

Serial number on HP computer

Unfortunately, with the billions of different serial numbers and manufacturer numbers, we cannot provide support and information on a product by its serial number. If you need information about a product using its identification number, we highly recommend you contact the manufacturer of the product or search for the manufacturer or device name. For example, instead of searching for "Serial Number 12345," it may be easier to search for "Maxtor hard drive."

If you are looking for a serial number for a particular software program, you need to contact the software developer or producer of the software program. Computer Hope will not provide any serial numbers or other registration numbers to any users.

Finally, a serial number for a hardware device, such as a computer or printer, can almost always be found on the bottom or back of the device. If you're trying to find the serial number for one of these devices, try physically examining the device. If you're still having issues locating it, contact the manufacturer of the product for additional assistance.

Billing Information

The Computer Hope web page and its services are 100% free, and we have no method of billing any user. If you have questions regarding billing or changing the billing for a service, it is recommended you contact the company of the product.

Missing or lost CD, disk, or install file

If you've lost one or more of your installation CD's or diskettes, you must contact the developer of that program to obtain a new copy. Computer Hope cannot send anyone copies of the program disks or downloadable files over the Internet regardless if you have purchased the program.