How to change an e-mail address

Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope
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If you want to change your e-mail address at school or work, contact your IT department directly and discuss the purpose of your desired change. Depending on their policies, they can change it for you and set it up according to your exact requirements. They will advise you about your options, and how best to proceed.

However, if you want to change your e-mail address at an e-mail provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, it cannot be modified. In some ways, an e-mail address is like a mailing address of your home; you can't change it to whatever you want. However, you can create a new e-mail address if it's not already taken. If you decide to do this, you can set up your old address so that it forwards mail to your new address.

On this page, we'll give examples of how to change an e-mail address and forward e-mail that would go to your old address. We'll also go over steps to ensure your online presence is not interrupted by the change.

Creating a new address

To create a new e-mail address, first, choose an e-mail provider if you do not intend to use the same provider. If you want to change the domain name (the part after the "@" symbol in your e-mail address), you need to contact the e-mail provider. For example, if you want to change to a "" e-mail address, you would go to the Google Gmail website to create a new e-mail address.

After a new e-mail address is created, you can follow the steps below to help resolve any confusion between you and your e-mail contacts.


If you need to change the name or personal information associated with your e-mail account, you need to log in to your e-mail account and update your account profile.

Mass e-mail new address to friends and family

To make sure you continue to get e-mail from your friends and family, we recommend you send an e-mail informing them of your new address.

One disadvantage of doing this is that often you may forget to send someone your new e-mail address or someone may miss the e-mail. However, sending out another reminder from your new e-mail address can also help.

Automatic replies

Automatic replies or out of office replies are also another good solution to making sure everyone knows your new e-mail address. This service automatically replies to any e-mail sent to your old e-mail address, with a note that informs the sender of your new e-mail address.

One serious disadvantage of doing this is that all e-mail you receive get an automatic reply. Which means any SPAM messages get a reply with your new e-mail address. There are also some services that require your authorization before sending your new e-mail address. However, many companies respond to the e-mail address with your new e-mail address in the message body.

E-mail forwarding

E-mail forwarding is another service provided by many Internet and e-mail service providers that automatically forward e-mails to your new e-mail address. However, there are several disadvantages (as listed below) to this service to consider first.

  1. You continue to receive SPAM messages, e-mail solicitations, and any other e-mail you may not want to receive.
  2. No one knows your new e-mail address because it is being forwarded to your new address.
  3. If your old e-mail address expires, any mail still going to the old e-mail address is lost.

If you're interested in setting this service on an old e-mail address, contact your e-mail or Internet service provider to see if it's available. You may also be able to log in to your old e-mail account and personally set up e-mail forwarding in your account settings.

My old e-mail address has expired or been canceled, what should I do?

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is create a new e-mail address. Almost all companies who automatically expire or cancel your account because of no activity do not re-enable the e-mail address.

If you're paying for your e-mail or have one through your Internet provider, it may be suspended because of late payment or no payment. Often, once payment is received, your e-mail can be reactivated.

Finally, if your address book was stored and maintained under your old e-mail account, unfortunately, it too is permanently lost.

My e-mail address has a spelling error, can it be modified?

Unless you're in a school or work place with a policy that lets you change your e-mail, you cannot modify your e-mail address because of restrictions. To change the e-mail address, you must create a new one.

Can I make my e-mail appear to be coming from a different domain?

Although you can spoof your e-mail address, you cannot get any replies since they'll all be sent to the address you are spoofing. To send and receive e-mail from a different domain, you need an e-mail forwarding service to send and receive e-mail from different domains.


Most e-mail services and providers can be configured to automatically forward all incoming mail to an external address. Before looking for an e-mail forwarding provider, check with your current provider if you only want to forward the e-mail to another address.