Driver has not passed Windows logo testing error

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Microsoft has developed these tests as a means to help prevent errors with Windows and hardware related drivers that are installed onto it. When you encounter this error, it is a good indication that the driver you are attempting to install, or one of the files associated with it, is not designed for your version of Windows.

Windows logo testing error

Before installing the file it is highly recommended that you first verify that there is not a more up-to-date driver for your device. A listing of hardware manufacturer driver pages can be found on our drivers page.

If you are installing the latest driver or your hardware manufacturer has not released any updated drivers you can still install the out-of-date drivers. However, realize that errors could arise immediately or in the future because of the out-of date drivers.

Finally, if the drivers do not work contact your hardware or computer manufacturer to see if any updated drivers have been released or if not yet released when they will be released. Contact information for all major computer and hardware manufacturers can be found on our third-party contacts page.

Additional information

  • See our driver definition for further information and related links on this term.