How to start Windows files and programs from a batch file

Updated: 12/29/2017 by Computer Hope
Batch file

To run Microsoft Windows programs or file, use the START command. The example below would run Windows Notepad.


You can also specify the direct location of the file by typing the following command.


Windows users with a different directory (e.g., Windows 2000 users) would need to substitute WINNT or the name of their directory in place of Windows in the above example.

The /max starts the window maximized.

To start a Windows file, use the start command followed by the name of the file. In the example below, we have a start command that's starting the chdown.txt file in the default text editor and then sounding an alarm MP4 audio file.

start chdown.txt && alarm.mp4

Also, in this example, we are also using "&&" to tell Windows to start more than one file.


As long as Windows knows how to open a file, you can use the start command with any file. For example, you could use the start command to open a movie file, video file, Word document, Excel file, and any other file.