Updated: 06/22/2018 by Computer Hope

Aggregate may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, an aggregate is data composed of smaller pieces that form a larger whole.

2. An aggregator is a program designed to collect data from multiple sources. For example, a user could use an RSS aggregator that collects their favorite web pages RSS feeds and instantly see all updates on those pages, without having to visit each site.

3. In programming, aggregation is a type of object composition where not all the containing objects should be destroyed when the owning object is destroyed. More information on this is on Difference between Composition and Aggregation.

4. In networking, link aggregation is combining many network connections to enable more data to be sent at one time or provide a backup connection if one of the connections fail.

5. In networking, when transferring packets, packet aggregation is combining many packets to make the transmission of packets require fewer server requests.

6. In networking, route aggregation refers to forming a supernet (combining two or more networks into one routing prefix).

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