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Fax MachineAlternatively referred to as a facsimile, telecopying, or telefacsimile, a fax is a transmission of graphics or text over the phone line. The picture shows an example of what the traditional fax machine may look like from Brother.

  • Fax broadcast: Sending a single fax document to several people at once.
  • Fax-on-demand: System that can be setup to request a fax using a touch tone phone. Also, known as fax retrieval.
  • Fax/Modem: Communication device that allows a PC to fax documents and receive fax documents.
  • Fax mode: Mode that allows faxmodem to send and receive files in a facsimile format.
  • Fax server: A computer dedicated to sending and receiving faxes for a group of networked computers.

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