Heat gun

Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope
Heat Gun from SEEKONE

A heat gun or hot air gun is a device that generates an excessive amount of heat for testing, repair, and printing. These devices are similar to a hair dryer you'd use to dry wet hair but can generate higher temperatures. For example, the picture is of a heat gun from SEEKONE, which can create heat between 122°F and ~1202°F. Below are different examples of how a heat gun might be used.


An engineer could point a heat gun at an IC (integrated circuit) or other hardware to test what would happen if it overheats. When hardware overheats, safety shutdown procedures should activate. A heat gun is an excellent way of generating heat to test for these situations.


Heat guns are also used while repairing mobile phones, tablets, and other computers that use epoxy or other glues instead of screws. Heating the glue helps remove the part or glue from the part so it can be replaced. Once the glue is removed or the epoxy bond is broken, you may need to apply more.


A heat gun can be used with powders like embossing powders to give something printed a unique and tactile feel. The powder is applied to a surface (e.g., paper) and then is heated with the heat gun until it affixes to the surface.

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