Updated: 03/12/2022 by Computer Hope
Connected puzzle pieces with the word identity printed on them.

An identity is something that helps to make a person unique from another person. For example, a person's name, age, sex, hair color, height, and weight are all physical traits that makes up a person's identity. In addition to physical attributes, an identity can include unique numbers such as a social security number, driver's license number, passport number, phone number, and credit card numbers.

What is an online identity?

An online identity, IID (Internet identity), or Internet persona is a person's virtual identity that helps identify them in online communities, chat, forums, and online gaming. This virtual identity is a unique username created when registering for an online service, or an avatar attached to a name. The online service may also use a user's IP address and tracking cookies as additional identifiers for a user's identity.

Stolen identity

Because most identity verification happens over the phone or computer, a person can use social engineering to trick another person into thinking they're someone else. Using these tactics, a malicious person could steal another person's identity (identity theft). After stealing someone's identity, the malicious person could use the stolen identity to register for a new credit card.

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