Laptop stand

Updated: 05/19/2017 by Computer Hope
Laptop stand

A laptop stand is something a laptop can be set on that is raised up off a table or another surface. Having a laptop on a laptop stand can make it easier to work on and use because the screen is closer to eye level. The keyboard can also be at an angle instead of flat horizontally, which is more ergonomic and puts less stress on your wrists.

Another benefit of using a laptop stand is the increase of airflow. When a laptop is not on a raised or flat surface airflow can be restricted. However, when using a laptop stand, airflow can be increased, as the laptop is sitting above the table. The laptop stand may include air vents in the surface that the laptop sits on, improving air flow even further. More expensive laptop stands may have fans included as well, to pull heat away from the laptop, further increasing air flow and helping cool the laptop.

In the workplace, a laptop stand may also be common as it is shown to improve employee efficiency in their job. Some laptop stands include a built-in docking station, to allow for additional connectivity to other devices.

When considering a laptop stand for a laptop, check the size restrictions for each laptop stand you are considering. A laptop with a 15" screen is smaller than a laptop with a 17" screen, and many laptop stands are sized based on the laptop screen size. If you have a laptop with a 17" screen, make sure you purchase a laptop stand designed for laptops with a 17" screen.

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