Parallel computer

Updated: 11/12/2023 by Computer Hope
Several CPUs working together in a parallel computer.

A parallel computer is a computer whose architecture utilizes multiple processing elements, such as CPUs (central processing units) or cores, to perform computations simultaneously. Unlike traditional sequential computing, where a single processor executes one instruction at a time, parallel computers divide tasks into smaller parts that can be processed concurrently. Essentially, a parallel computer can work on different parts of a shared set of data at the same time.

Using parallel computers reduces the time it takes to complete a task and improves overall performance. To make an analogy, a parallel computer is like having many chefs in a kitchen working on a food order. Each cook prepares a different dish at the same time to serve the complete meal quicker. Or, for another example, consider a large order of the same meal, such as 1,024 cheeseburgers. Each chef (CPU or core) may perform the same task: grilling the burger, melting the cheese, etc., so that all cheeseburgers are ready to eat at the same time.

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