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To parse data or information means to break it down into component parts so that its syntax can be analyzed, categorized, and understood.

If an error occurs while parsing information a parse error is generated. A parse error may happen for any of the following reasons.

Reasons why a parse error may happen

  • The file containing the data to be parsed does not exist.
  • The data to be parsed contains an error. If you downloaded the file causing the parse error, try downloading the file again or look for an updated version of the file. If possible, try downloading the file from a different site.
  • You may have insufficient permissions to access the file's data.
  • The file's data is not compatible with the version of your operating system or program.
  • Insufficient disk space. If a file is written to a drive (e.g., thumb drive or SD card) that doesn't have enough space for the parsed results, an error is generated. Make sure the drive has enough space or move the file being parsed to your hard drive if it's being run from removable media.

Parse error with Excel or another spreadsheet formula

A parse error can also be encountered with a spreadsheet formula if the formula is not formatted correctly. Formula parse errors may happen when extraneous special characters are included in the formula, such as an extra quote. In general, any syntax error in the formula causes a parse error.

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