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Pico may refer to any of the following:

Metric prefixes including pico

1. Prefix used with the metric system that stands for .000000000001. A pico (p) is 10 to the -12th power, or one trillionth.

What is smaller than a pico?

With SI prefixes, femto is smaller than pico.

What is larger than a pico?

With SI prefixes, nano is larger than pico.

What is pico's non-decimal equivalent?

A tera (T) is the prefix used for 1012.

What is picotechnology?

Picotechnology is any technology that works with elements that are less than one nanometer. This term is similar to nanotechnology, but it's working with something even smaller.

Pico in blue lettering

2. Short for PIne COmposer, PICO is a Unix and Linux variant file editor. For additional information about the PICO editor, see our Linux pico command reference.

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