Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

RequestTTY is an option available when configuring SSH sessions using the ssh_config configuration file. It controls whether or not SSH requests the connection produce output to a TTY (teletype terminal) screen.

RequestTTY values

RequestTTY can have one of four values.

  • no — SSH never will request terminal output.
  • yes — SSH will request terminal output if its source of input is also a terminal.
  • force — SSH will always request terminal output, regardless of what its input source type is.
  • auto — SSH will request terminal output when it is opening a login session.

Normally, you should not have to alter the setting of RequestTTY when using SSH, but it is possible to use this option to modify SSH's behavior for advanced uses. From the command line, this option can be set using the -t and -T options of the ssh command.

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