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Output may refer to any of the following:

Input and output example

1. Any information that is processed by and sent out from a computer or other electronic device is considered output. An example of output is anything viewed on your computer monitor screen, such as the words you type on your keyboard. Without some type of output that a human could see, feel, or hear a human could not interact with the computer. In the picture, the bottom half shows data being sent from a computer to a printer, which is also considered a form of output.

Examples of output on a computer


See our output device page for a list of output devices used with a computer.

In addition to computers, output can be produced from any electronic device. For example, a water heater may receive input from a temperature sensor. The output would be a signal that turns on a pilot light or gas burner to heat the water to the desired temperature.

2. When referring to HTML, the <output> tag is used to represent the result of a user's action or a calculation.

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