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A service may refer to any of the following:

service definition

1. In general, a service refers to work that is performed by one or more people that benefits others. For example, Computer Hope performs the service of helping everyone with their computer-related problems and questions. Another example is customer service that is a department within a company that assists customers with general company related questions.

2. When referring to computer software, a service is a software program or portion of a program that is loaded when another program is loaded. For example, a Microsoft Windows Service is part of Windows that is loaded each time Windows 2000 and above starts. An example of a Windows service is Messenger, which allows users to send messages to other Windows users on their network.

Viewing running Windows Services

You can view all currently running Windows Services by opening the Windows Task Manager and then clicking on the Processes tab.

From the Windows command line, you can use the sc command to communicate with the Service Control Manager and services.

Managing Windows Services

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and above users can view and adjust what services are loaded each time Windows loads by following the steps below.

Open the Windows Control Panel. Double-click the Administrator Tools icon. Double-click the Service icon.


You may be unable to complete the above steps if you do not have the proper permissions on your computer.

3. Service is also a Linux command line command to start and stop services. See the service command page for further information on this command.

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