Windows Remote Assistance

Updated: 04/02/2019 by Computer Hope

Alternatively referred to as Remote Assistance, Windows Remote Assistance is a Microsoft Windows feature introduced with Windows XP that allows others to connect to your computer. The image below is an example of the initial screen of Windows Remote Assistance.

Windows Remote Assistance

Using Remote Assistance, a computer user can allow another person to view their computer screen, get help with how to perform specific tasks or fix issues. They can also allow another person to have access to their computer, to move the mouse cursor on the screen and type commands to the computer.


With Computer Hope's limited staff, we cannot remotely assist any user with their computer. However, there are some volunteers in the Computer Hope chat and forums who may be willing to remotely help you with your problem. Please keep in mind that you are remotely giving this person access to your computer and the actions that person takes should be carefully monitored.

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