Christopher Strachey

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Christopher StracheyName: Christopher Strachey

Born: November 16, 1916, in Hampstead, England

Death: May 18, 1975 (Age: 59)

Computer-related contributions

  • British computer scientist known for CPL, denotational semantics, Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages.
  • Developed the Combined Programming Language (CPL).
  • His influential set of lecture notes Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages formalized the distinction between L- and R- values (as seen in the C programming language).
  • Coined the term currying, although he did not invent the underlying concept.
  • Instrumental in the design of the Ferranti PEGASUS computer.

Significant publications

  • Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages. Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation.
  • Time sharing in large, fast computers. IFIP Congress (1959).