Edward Yourdon

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Edward Yourdon

Name: Edward Yourdon

Born: April 30, 1944

Death: January 20, 2016 (Age: 71)

Computer-related contributions

  • Pioneer in software engineering methodology and developer of the structured analysis technique.
  • Author of over 550 articles and author or co-author of over 26 computer books.

Significant publications

  • Object Oriented Analysis.
  • Object-Oriented Design.
  • Decline And Fall Of The American Programmer.
  • Object-Oriented Systems Design: An Integrated Approach.
  • Rise & Resurrection of the American Programmer.
  • Case Studies in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • Time Bomb 2000: What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!
  • Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects.
  • Byte Wars: The Impact of September 11 on Information Technology.
  • Death March.
  • OUTSOURCE: Competing in the Global Productivity Race.

Honors and awards

  • Inducted into the Computer Hall of Fame in June 1997.