Meg Whitman

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Meg Whitman

Name: Margaret (Meg) Cushing Whitman

Born: August 4, 1956, in Cold Spring Harbor (Long Island), New York, USA

Computer-related contributions

  • American business executive.
  • President, CEO and chairman of Hewlett-Packard.
  • Former vice president of The Walt Disney Company.
  • Prior president and chief executive officer of eBay (1998 to 2008).

Significant publications

  • The Power of Many: Values for Success in Business and in Life (2010).
  • The eBay Community Cookbook (2006).

Honors and awards

  • Listed 20th in Forbes 100 most powerful women in the world (2014).
  • Chosen as women most likely to become first female President of the United States by the New York Times (2008).


"You know, in a workplace, when you shrink the size of a workforce, there is pain there. But there is no question: we have a government that we can no longer afford. That is the cold, hard fact. So we have to make this more efficient. We have to sunset programs that no longer work. We have to eliminate waste and fraud. We must do this."