Microsoft DOS telnet command

Updated: 05/09/2017 by Computer Hope

About telnet

Enables a user to telnet to another computer from the command prompt.

Windows 2000 and XP are the only two versions of Microsoft Windows that support the telnet command from the command line. Additional information and help about using telnet from any version of Windows can be found on our telnet help page.

Tip: Unless there is no other option we suggest not using Telnet for security reasons. Consider SSH as an alternative.


The telnet command is an external command that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems as telnet.exe.

Windows 2000
Windows XP

Telnet syntax

telnet [host [port]]

host Specifies the hostname or IP address of the remote computer.
port Specifies the port number or service name.

Commands available through the actual telnet program:

close Close current connection.
display Display operating parameters.
open Connect to a site.
quit Exit telnet.

Set options (Type 'set ?' for a list).

NTLM Turn ON NTLM Authentication.
TERM x (where x is ANSI, VT100, VT52, or VTNT)
CRLF Send both CR and LF
status Print status information.
unset Unset options (Type 'unset ?' for a list).

NTLM Turn OFF NTLM Authentication.
CRLF Send only CR (no LF is sent)
?/help Print help information.



Telnet to the computer

Additional information

  • Additional information and help with telnet can also be found on our telnet help page.
  • See our telnet definition for further information on this command.