Play a YouTube video in a picture in picture

Updated: 05/13/2019 by Computer Hope
YouTube Picture in picture

Computer Chrome browser users can view any YouTube video in a picture in picture (small window) by double right clicking the video, and clicking Picture in picture.


This tip only works in the Chrome browser and you must be double right clicking and not left clicking to see this option.

Once selected, the window is placed in the bottom right corner of the screen by default as shown in the following picture. You can move this window by clicking and holding the left button anywhere in the video and dragging the video window to where you want it to be positioned.

The window can also be resized by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the video until you get a double-headed arrow and then clicking and holding the left button down to resize the video.

YouTube Video in small window

Above is an example of a YouTube video playing in a small window while browsing the Computer Hope web page. This feature is excellent for those times you want to watch a video while doing other things on a computer.

To restore the window back to its browser tab click the "x" in the top-right corner of the window or the back to browser icon in the bottom-right corner of the window.

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