"Facebook to charge" and "Microsoft free money"

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

"Facebook to start charging money soon," "With each person you forward this e-mail to Microsoft (Bill Gates) will send you money," and "Lottery award notifications" are all examples of chain e-mails and Internet myths that have been around for years. Although most of these myths are distributed through e-mail, with the popularity of social networking websites, they're also quickly spreading through these networks.


To help verify if an e-mail, a post on a social networking site, or something someone tells you, visit Snopes.com. This fantastic site list several hundred different urban legend, myths, and scams from everything from computers to love.


To prevent your co-workers, family, and friends from sending these types of messages to you in the future suggest they visit Snopes themselves before forwarding any message.

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