Computer Hope tools

Updated: 03/05/2023 by Computer Hope

online toolsBelow is a listing of all the Computer Hope online tools we have available to the public.


Many of these tools can be accessed through the Computer Hope search.

What computer to buy

Our What type of computer should I buy? tool helps answer one of the most common questions people ask their computer friends. This page steps the visitor through several steps to make a recommendation on the type of computer that would meet their needs.

System Information

Our System Information Tool helps display all detectable system information through your browser.

Windows processes and files

Our Windows processes and files tool helps give quick overviews of thousands of different windows processes and files.


This tool is integrated with our search and accessed by typing the name of a process or file in the search.

Mr. Hope

Our Mr. Hope tool helps you troubleshoot computer problems that are difficult to explain by going through several steps to help identify the issue.

Computer history

Our computer history displays the past computer events of every day of the month.


This tool is integrated with our search and can be accessed by typing a year into the search.

How many

Our How Many Tool helps get the differences between measurements (e.g., how many bits in a byte).


This tool is integrated with our search and can be accessed by asking a "how many" question.


Our Text Conversion Tool allows anyone to enter any text they want into a browser and have that text converted into many different forms of text.

HTML color codes

Our HTML Color Code Tool helps you get a complete overview of all HTML color codes and a listing of related colors.


This tool is integrated with our search and can be accessed by entering any color code.

Text Tool

Our Text Tool can handle search and replaces and other conversions of any text.

Scramble and unscramble

Our Scramble and unscramble tool allows visitors to scramble any word or unscramble any computer-related word.

Word and letter search

Our word and letter search tool allows anyone to enter a word or letters and find any computer-related term containing those letters or word.


Our search is also integrated with a tool to help answer hundreds of thousands of computer-related questions. This tool is available by asking a question (e.g., how to copy a file) in our search boxes.