What type of computer should I buy?

Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope

Today, there are hundreds of options to consider when trying to decide what type of computer to buy. Instead of overwhelming you with every option, we've created the following tool to guide all types of users in making the right choice for a new computer. Take a few minutes to answer the following short questionnaire to help you decide what type of computer would be best for you, your spouse, your kid, or someone else you know.

How do you plan on using the computer?

The best way to start understanding the type of computer you need is to understand how you plan on using the computer. Some users might be surprised to learn that they don't need the most powerful computer to only view the web and read e-mail.

Check the following checkboxes for the tasks you plan on doing with your computer.

Internet browsing
Watch videos
Basic gaming
Advanced gaming
Photo editing
Video editing
3D modeling
Office applications (e.g., Microsoft Word)

How does the above tool work?

The above tool goes through nine steps of questions that help give you a better understanding of the type of computer to purchase. Based on how you answer each question, the available types of computers (mentioned in the next section) are given or subtracted weight. At the end of the questionnaire, the computer(s) with the most weight is the recommended computer. Examples of the types of questions asked in the questionnaire include the following.

  • How do you plan on using the computer?
  • What computer are you experienced with the most?
  • What type of smartphone do you use?
  • Do you need a mobile computer?
  • Do you want a device with a touch screen?
  • Do you need a keyboard?
  • Do you want to build your computer?
  • What price range are you looking to spend?
  • How much memory do you want?
  • How much storage?

Additional questions may be asked or options selected in addition to the above questions depending on how other questions are answered.

What type of computers does this questionnaire cover?

By answering the questions in this questionnaire, we'll suggest one or more of the following computers that best meets your needs.

  1. Apple desktop (e.g., Apple iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro)
  2. Apple laptop (e.g., MacBook Air and MacBook Pro)
  3. Apple iPhone
  4. Apple iPad
  5. PC desktop
  6. All-in-one PC
  7. Custom-built PC
  8. PC laptop
  9. Chromebook
  10. Android smartphone
  11. Android tablet
  12. Amazon tablet