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Founded in 1949 by Philip Renshaw in Kent, Washington, USA. Tally Ltd. was a leading manufacturer of punch tape readers. In 1970, Tally developed line matrix printer technologies and became a leader in the printer industry. In 2003, Tally merged with GENICOM to form TallyGenicom. In 2009, the TallyGenicom brand was acquired by Printronix.

Printronix was founded by Robert A. Kleist in 1974 and is a provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions.

Contact information

Phone: (800) 665-6210
Alt phone: (714) 368-2300
Fax: None or unknown
TDD: None or unknown
Website: http://www.genicom.com
E-mail: TallyGenicom contact page
Address: Printronix Headquarters
15345 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618
Stock: None or unknown

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Company news

2009 - TallyGenicom was acquired by Printronix, Inc. in 2009.

- Centronics purchased by Genicom.