Microsoft DirectX

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Reference Question
DirectX DirectX definition and related terms.
Sound card Sound card help and support.
Software Questions and answers relating to other computer software.
Video card Video card help and support.
Contacts Microsoft company and contact information.
CHGAME Basic game troubleshooting.
CH001518 Checking sound card and video card DirectX support.
CH001519 Computer shutdown and restart.
CH001520 Errors with ddraw.dll files.
CH001521 How to determine version of DirectX.
CH001522 How to uninstall DirectX
CH001523 Installing DirectX.
CH001524 Losing sound during game play.
CH001525 Losing TV card functionality after installing DirectX.
CH001526 Losing video during game play.
CH001527 Losing video when starting Windows after installing DirectX
CH001528 How to reinstall DirectX.
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