Computer video card help and support

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Reference Questions
Video card Dictionary definition and illustration of a video card.
Video Dictionary definition and related links on the video card.
BUS AGP, PCI, PCI-X, and other bus help and support.
Monitor Computer monitor help and support.
DirectX Microsoft DirectX help and support.
Contacts Contact information for computer video card manufacturers.
Buying tips Additional information and help with purchasing a video card.
Drivers Video card drivers and manufacturer listing.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000035 Lost video after upgrading to a new version of Windows.
CH000115 Changing and viewing video settings within MS-DOS.
CH000121 Distorted video after increasing the resolution in Windows.
CH000145 Which version of Windows 95 supports AGP?
CH000170 After Windows NT 4.0 installation video only runs at 16 colors.
CH000173 Windows multiple display troubleshooting steps.
CH000188 What is Video Palette Snooping?
CH000189 How to set the resolution or change the resolution/adapter in Windows 3.x
CH000190 How to set the resolution in Microsoft Windows.
CH000191 Unable to increase the resolution in Windows.
CH000193 Issues with adding new video card to computer that has on-board video.
CH000194 My monitor shifts when changing the resolution.
CH000195 Is it possible to have two video cards in one computer?
CH000258 How do I know what computer video card I have?
CH000292 Where to get OpenGL drivers?
CH000307 Determining the PCI Version.
CH000308 Determining the AGP Version.
CH000315 Black borders on side of screen.
CH000378 Set Windows font to big to change back.
CH000407 2464 configuration error at boot.
CH000438 No Input Signal message.
CH000541 I downloaded a video but I can only hear it and not see it.
CH000557 Windows fonts are poor quality and not smooth.
CH000567 Black and white picture with laptop connected to TV.
CH000558 How to change a monitor refresh rate.
CH000560 Flipped monitor display in Windows.
CH000801 How to connect an external display to a laptop computer.
CH000843 How can I have a multiple monitor display on my computer?
CH000894 How can I split one large display into two?
CH000935 How do I know if I have an integrated or onboard video card?
CH001028 Troubleshooting a bad video card.
CH001167 How to enable and disable NVIDIA SLI mode.
CH001191 When watching videos fullscreen my computer stutters.
CH001265 Input signal out of range error.
CH001307 How do I find how much video ram or memory my video card has?
CH001309 How do I find the BIOS version of my video card?
CH001406 How to replace a video card (GPU) fan.
CH001485 Can I convert DVI to VGA or VGA to DVI?
CH001504 How to tell the temperature of a video card.
CH001544 Can I upgrade the video memory on my video card?
CH001552 How do I remove a computer video card?
CH001557 Is there a difference between 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit color?
CH001630 Why is my laptop using Intel and not AMD video card drivers?
CH001805 How to find out the resolution of the screen on my monitor.
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