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7-Zip Program
Abuse Game Bungie Software
Aces of the Deep Game Sierra
Aces Over Europe Game Sierra
Aces of the Pacific Game Sierra
Adobe Photoshop Program Adobe
After Dark Utility Sierra
After Life Game Lucas Arts
Age of Empires Game Microsoft
Alice Game Electronic Arts
Amazon Game Access
AOL Online Service AOL
Battle Chess Game Interplay
Black and White Game Electronic Arts
Blackstone Chronicles Game Mindscape
Blake Stone Game Apogee
Blood Game GT Interactive
Brood War Game Blizzard
Caesar 3 Game Sierra
Chess Master Game Mindscape
Civilization 2 Game Microprose
Close Combat Game Microsoft
Command & Conquer Game Westwood
Command & Conquer Red Alert Game Westwood
Comm Central Program Packard Bell
Corel Draw Program Corel
Dark Earth Game Microprose
Defrag Utility Microsoft
Descent Game Interplay
Descent II Game Interplay
Diablo Game Blizzard
Diablo Hell Fire Game Sierra
Diablo 2 Game Blizzard
Directx Utility Microsoft
Dos Operating system Microsoft
Doom Game GT Interactive
Doom 2 Game GT Interactive
Dr. Watson Utility Microsoft
Drive Image Utility Power Quest
Duke 3D Game GT Interactive
Dune Game Virgin
Dungeon Keeper Game Electronic Arts
Earth Worm Jim Game Activision
Epic Pinball Game Epic
Excel Program Microsoft
F-117A Game Microprose
Fallout Game Interplay
Fallout 2 Game Interplay
Fat32 None Microsoft
FIFA 2000 Game Electronic Arts
FIFA 99 Game Electronic Arts
FIFA 97 Game Electronic Arts
FIFA 96 Game Electronic Arts
Final Doom Game GT Interactive
Firefox Browser Mozilla
First Aid Utility Mcafee
Floor 13 Game Virgin
FrontPage Program Microsoft
FTP Program Various
Full Throttle Game Lucas Arts
Gabriel Knight 3 Game Sierra
Gobliiins Game Sierra
Gobliins 2 Game Sierra
Goblins Quest 3 Game Sierra
Google Chrome Browser Google
Google Docs Word Processor Google
Hand of Fate Game Westwood
Half-Life Game Sierra
Half-Life Opposing Force Game Sierra
Hell Fire Game Sierra
Heretic Game Id Software
Heretic 2 Game Id Software
Hexen 2 Game Activision
Hyper Terminal Program Microsoft
Icewind Dale Game Interplay
ICQ Program AOL
Internet Explorer Browser Microsoft
Jedi Knight Game LucasArts
Kings Quest 1 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 2 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 3 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 4 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 5 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 6 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 7 Game Sierra
Kings Quest 8 Game Sierra
Kings Quest Collection Game Sierra
Kyrandia Game Westwood
Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Game Westwood
Legacy Game Microprose
Linux Operating system Various
Lords of Magic Game Sierra
macOS Operating system Apple
Madden NFL 98 Game Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 99 Game Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 2000 Game Electronic Arts
Magic Carpet Game Bullfrog
McAfee Virus Scan Utility Network Associates
MDK Game Interplay
MDK 2 Game Interplay
Mech Warrior 2 Game Activision
Microsoft Backup Utility Microsoft
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator Game Microsoft
Microsoft Defrag Utility Microsoft
Microsoft Deadly Tides Game Microsoft
Microsoft Excel Program Microsoft
Microsoft Expression Web Program Microsoft
Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Microsoft
Microsoft Fury 3 Game Microsoft
Microsoft Office Program Microsoft
Microsoft Outlook Program Microsoft
Microsoft Paint Utility Microsoft
Microsoft Plus! Utility Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint Program Microsoft
Microsoft Scandisk Utility Microsoft
Microsoft Windows Media Player Audio Microsoft
Microsoft Word Program Microsoft
Mine Sweeper Game Microsoft
MS-DOS Operating system Microsoft
Myst Game Broderbund
Nascar 4 Game Sierra
Navigator Utility Packard Bell
NBA Live Game Electronic Arts
Need 4 Speed Game Electronic Arts
Netscape Browser AOL
NHL Game Electronic Arts
Nocturne Game God games
Norton AntiVirus Utility Symantec
Norton Ghost Utility Symantec
Obsidian Game SegaSoft
One Step Backup Utility Iomega
OpenOffice Program Apache
Opposing Force Game Sierra
Outlook Program Microsoft
Partition Magic Utility Power Quest
PGA Tour Golf Game Electronic Arts
Plus! Program Microsoft
Police Quest 1 Game Sierra
Police Quest 2 Game Sierra
Police Quest 3 Game Sierra
Police Quest 4 Game Sierra
Police Quest 5 Game Sierra
Police Quest SWAT 2 Game Sierra
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Game GT Interactive
Qmodem Pro Program Mustang
Quake Game IdSoftware
Quake 2 Game Activision
Quake 3 Game IdSoftware
Quake 3: Team Arena Game IdSoftware
Re-Volt Game Acclaim
Real Player Program Real
Red Alert Game Westwood
Return to Zork Game Activision
Riven Game Red Orb
Roller Coaster Tycoon Game Microprose
Rune Game God games
Sacrifice Game Interplay
Safari Browser Apple
Sanitarium Game ASC Games
ScanDisk Utility Microsoft
Screamer Game Virgin
Shadow Warrior Game GT Interactive
Sim Ant Game Maxis
SimCity 2000 Game Maxis
SimCity 2000 CD-ROM Game Maxis
SimCity 3000 Game Maxis
Sim Isle Game Maxis
Sim Tower Game Maxis
Sims Game Electronic Arts
Skype Program Microsoft
Solitaire Game Microsoft
Sound Recorder Audio Microsoft
Starcraft Game Blizzard
Starcraft Brood War Game Blizzard
Star Trek Starfleet Command Game Interplay
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Game Activision
SWAT 2 Game Sierra
SWAT 3 Game Sierra
Telnet Utility Various
Terminal Program Microsoft
Test Drive 4 Game Accolade
Test Drive 5 Game Accolade
Test Drive 6 Game Accolade
The 7th Guest Game Trilobyte
The Ancient Art of War in the Skies Game Microprose
The Longest Journey Game Funcom
The Sims Game Electronic Arts
Theme Park Game Bull Frog
Tomb Raider Game Eidos
Tomb Raider 2 Game Eidos
Torment Game Interplay
Tribes Game Sierra
Tribes 2 Game Sierra
Tropico Game God games
Undying Game Electronic Arts
Unix Operating system Various
Unreal Tournament Game GT Interactive
Ultima Online Game Origin
Ultimate Doom Game GT Interactive
Vampire the Masquerade Game Activision
Visual Basic Program Microsoft
Warcraft Game Blizzard
Warcraft II Game Blizzard
Winamp Audio AOL
Windows 10 Operating system Microsoft
Windows 2000 Operating system Microsoft
Windows 3.X Operating system Microsoft
Windows 7 Operating system Microsoft
Windows 8 Operating system Microsoft
Windows 95 Operating system Microsoft
Windows 98 Operating system Microsoft
Windows ME Operating system Microsoft
Windows Media Player Audio Microsoft
Windows Minesweeper Game Microsoft
Windows Movie Maker Video editing Microsoft
Windows NT Operating system Microsoft
Windows Solitaire Game Microsoft
Windows Vista Operating system Microsoft
Windows XP Operating system Microsoft
Wolf 3-D Game Id Software
Word Word processor Microsoft
Worms Game Team 17
Worms 2 Game Team 17
Worms Armageddon Game Team 17
Xargon Game Epic
Xwing vs. Tie Fighter Game Lucas Arts
Zork Grand Inquisitor Game Activision
Zork nemesis Game Activision